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Universal payment and credit service with support of popular cryptocurrencies.
Total Tokens Bought
1 ESR = 10 USD
Pre-sale is over
ICO is coming
About the project
ESR WALLET – Project of an universal wallet with a full range of banking services and 20% per annum rate for deposits in any cryptocurrency.
To date, ESR WALLET is a working platform offering residents of most countries of the world to create an electronic wallet in dollars and euros and issue a prepaid virtual or plastic VISA / Mastercard to it.
The payment provider ESR WALLET is a licensed issuer of electronic money, regulated by the Gibraltar financial service commission. License No: FSC0056NK
ESR Wallet exchanger will be allocated in a separate project with own legal entity. Its reliability will be supported with a possibility of each holder of ESR tokens to be a part of the company founders, having paid only legal costs associated with registration.
ESR Wallet team is the owner of more than 300 ATMs located in the Unites States of America. The ESR ATM network is going to cover other countries as well. Cash withdrawal through own ATM network is free for holders of ESR Wallet cards.
Developing the idea, we have come to the conclusion that we will be able to create a unique service, having added several options to the existing ESR Wallet:
Possibility to store on own wallet, besides USD and EUR, popular cryptocurrencies: BTC, BCH, ETH, ZEC, DASH, LTC.
Possibility of instant currency conversion through the Internet bank or a mobile application at the preferential rate.
Possibility to open deposits and issue a credit in any of cryptocurrencies.
Creation of a merchant service with the additional introduction system ESR WALLET, as an escrow-agent, acting as a trusted party in the transaction between the seller and the buyer.
Creation of partner network for implementation of Cashback system.
Possibility to transfer cryptocurrency to discretionary management to a concrete trader with a transparent history of transactions or to our system for portfolio investment.
Main options of ESR WALLET card
The ability to spend your cryptocurrency using ESR Wallet's physical card wherever cards are accepted for payment, both online and offline
The ability to send money through the ESR Wallet application in 8 currencies to 120 countries worldwide without commission
The ability to instantly send money between users of ESR Wallet
Wallet basic functionality
e-wallet registration, binding of VISA/MasterCard virtual or plastic card already exists and is being tested.
Own exchanger
through which users can instantly exchange their cryptocurrency for fiat money.
Merchant service
Nowadays there is no easy-to-use service, capable to process payments in cryptocurrencies, and there are already several hundred thousands of platforms all over the world that accept payment for their services through the website.
Credits and deposits
a) This system will determine the credit rating of a user and create personalized offers on credits, taking into account all risks.
b) Deposits up to 20% per annum in any cryptocurrency.
creation of a partner network consisting of the world largest online stores, networks of public catering, gas stations and other popular consumer services for implementation of Cashback system.
Confidential management, trading
resources will be necessary for creation of a strong team of traders able to manage funds effectively and to offer users passive income with minimum risks.
Token Sale
ESR token is released on the basis of e-Token contract. The number of tokens is limited and amounts to 10,000,000.
After ICO all unsold tokens will be destroyed, further generation will not be carried out.
Payment procedure
According to the Сharter, at the end of each quarter 30 percent of profit of the Payment and credit service ESR Wallet are transferred to specialized wallets, after which BTC, BCH, ETH, ZEC, DASH, LTC will be distributed among holders of ESR tokens according to the terms and conditions of the smart contract. Profit gained in USD and EUR will be converted at ESR Wallet market price as of the date of distribution of dividends in ETH and transferred to the relevant wallet.
Starting exchange rate
Token cost is 10 USD.
Distribution of the Tokens
On open sale
1st day
2nd-7th day
2nd week
3rd week
4th week
Additional bonuses
Likes in FB
Followers on Twitter
Support of ESR WALLET branches
Subscription company Bitcointalk
Exclusive support
Bonuses for Investors
Within 60 days upon the ICO end date a personalized multicurrency ESR Wallet card will be issued free of charge for each investor who has bought more than 10 ESR tokens during Pre-ICO and ICO period and delivered to their residential address of such investors.
Deposits with a high per annum rate will be available to each investor who has bought ESR tokens during Pre-ICO and ICO period: 20% in any cryptocurrency.
Project implementation periods
own currency exchanger
merchant service for websites
crediting and deposits program
Cashback service
trust management service
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